Breast enlargement


Do you want your breasts enlarged?

Breast enlargement is one of the most common aesthetic procedures and that is not surprising. As one of the most important intimate parts, the breast helps to define the beauty of a woman. Goodlooking breasts improve the selfconfidence and selfimage of women. They highlight the feminine charms and symbolise a healthy and fertile body.

Research has shown that numerous women are not satisfied with their breasts. Some think they are too small, others find them to be too saggy or badly shaped. After a pregnancy or after breastfeeding the breasts lose their original shape, which makes women consider a breast enlargement. The contemporary beauty standards also cause bigger breasts to be seen as more attractive and feminine.

How do we work?

A breast enlargement usually uses prosthetics. Alternatively, the breast are filled with the patient's own fat from another body part, which is called lipofilling. Liposuction is then used to remove fat from the abdomen or thigh region and, after cleaning, the extracted fat is injected into the breasts.

At Delta Clinic, the breast enlargement takes place under complete anaesthesia (analgo-sedation) by an experienced anaesthetist. Analgesics are given against the pain, plus an antibiotic to prevent any infection.

The procedure takes approximately one hour. Afterwards, you will stay in the recovery room under the supervision of an experienced nurse.

After 1 to 2 hours you can return home. You will be given the necessary prescriptions for painkillers and instructions for the necessary aftercare.

Pricing for breast enlargement

Delta Clinic ensures favourable prices combined with the utmost quality. The price for your breast enlargement includes expertise, quality and a predictable result. With our expertise you are in good hands and have nothing to worry about. Our doctors are experienced, with more than 3000 successful breast enlargements performed.

An overview of the prices (VAT included):

  • Breast enlargement with own fat or lipofilling: € 3,600
  • Breast prosthetics: round cohesive silicone prosthetic (Sebbin): €3,450
  • Breast prosthetics: round cohesive silicone prosthetic (Motiva): €3,800

This price includes complete anaesthesia or analgo-sedation and medication during the procedure and postoperative consultations.

A sports bra and a reinforcing band are not included. The price for a reinforcing band is € 50.

Lichtaart (Kasterlee) is an excellent operating base.

The Delta Clinic is located in the province of Antwerp, in Lichtaart (Kasterlee). Easily accessible via the E34 and E313 from all corners of Flanders and just across the Belgian-Dutch border for our numerous Dutch patients. Only 30 minutes from the airports in Eindhoven (NL) and 60 min from Brussels. Cheap flghts available.

According to our patients, Lichtaart is the ideal environment to recover from their procedure. Patients who want an overnight stay after their breast enlargement will find many hotels or B&B's  nearby in every price category.

Delta Clinic, Kasterleesteenweg 95, B-2460 Lichtaart, +32 (0) 14 43 01