Breast reduction

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Breasts that are too heavy or sagging do not have to be a permanent problem anymore. Reducing the size of the breasts and raising them is no longer a taboo subject and is now a common procedure. They are carried out for both aesthetic and medical reasons.

When to choose for a breast reduction or breast lift?

The most important reasons for opting for a breast reduction are medical-physical and psychological. Heavy or sagging breasts often cause shoulder, neck or back problems, or of psychological-social problems.

A breast reduction and raising the breasts (breast lift) is actually an operation with the same effect: with a breast reduction the volume is reduced and the skin adjusted, when lifting a breast, the skin is adjusted and the volume remains the same or a prosthetic is inserted.

How does a breast reduction work at Delta Clinic?

Breast reduction evidently depends on the size of the breasts. Lifting with breast reduction results in firmer breasts. During the consultations prior to the operation, the patient is informed about the steps of the procedure, the duration and aftercare. In addition to a breast examination, we will carry out an echography or, if necessary, a mammography in the case of a positive family history. We also look at possible back abnormalities to be able to inform the patient as completely as possible about the expected end result.

A breast reduction and breast lift are done under general anaesthesia. They only require a one-day hospital stay. These procedures are not very painful and usually yield very good results in the long run. The scars are minimal and are placed where they attract the least attention. In addition, the function of the breast stays intact: the possibility of breastfeeding remains and the blood flow and sensitivity of the nipple are maintained.

Breast reduction at Delta Clinic

If you have any questions about a breast reduction or a breast lift, you can always contact the experienced team of Delta Clinic, a health centre in Lichtaart, Belgium.

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