Chin correction - neck correction


Some people suffer from a chin that is too large or too small, or their chin is not positioned optimally. A chin lift, a chin reduction or a chin enlargement can restore balance to the face.

Chin correction or neck correction: often for cosmetic reasons

A chin correction due to a medical reason is very rare. For example, it is possible that teeth that are no longer properly aligned, because the chin and in fact the entire jaw is too small or too large. In such a case, however, it is not a case of a chin correction, but a real jaw surgery, for which the patient should go to a dentist. He then refers the patient to an oral surgeon who will execute the operation.

Chin corrections are most commonly used for aesthetic reasons. Patients find that their chin is too big or too small, that there is excess fat or that the positioning is off. In this case, a correction to the chin can also be regarded as a correction to the neck, since the two are closely related. Sometimes a chin correction is combined with liposuction in the bottom of the mouth or with a nose correction.

What does a chin correction mean?

For an accurate diagnosis and an optimal result, the plastic surgeon takes various anatomical factors into account. Radiography is often required to assess the proportion of bone in the chin and to clarify the abnormalities of the anatomy both in the front and the side view. The specialist assesses the nose/chin ratio, the position and shape of the lower lip, the labiomental fold and the fat in the chin. Depending on the patient's situation, a chin lift, a reduction of the chin size or an increase of the chin size can be chosen.

With a chin reduction, the surgeon removes some of the jawbone and/or connective tissue, especially when the patients chin looks too big or too far forward.  

An underdeveloped chin can be enlarged with a chin prosthesis (augmentation). The surgeon fastens a custom-made prosthetic made of porous white material (Porex) to the chin using two small screws. The implant is inserted through a cut between the lower lip and the gums of the lower teeth.

Delta Clinic uses Porex face implants, which have much better properties than silicone implants: they are as hard as bone, they are fixed with small screws so that they cannot move, they have a very low risk of infection and they do not cause bone loss, as is the case with silicone prostheses.

Sometimes a chin enlargement can also be done by lipofilling.

Neck lift

As we get older, the skin on the neck or chin also sags. A neck correction or double chin lift can then help to straighten out wrinkled excess skin. With a neck lift, the skin of the neck and double chin are also straightened. A neck lift is often done in combination with a facelift, because the skin of the face is also weakened and aged.

Chin correction at Delta Clinic

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