Our face is our identity toward the outside world. It is the first part of the body that people see. The nose is obviously an important part of the face. A nose reduction or a small correction can lead to a significant improvement of one’s appearance.

What is a rhinoplasty exactly?

A corrective nose surgery is difficult, because every change in the structure of the nose has an effect on other structures. Experience in this type of interventions is therefore crucial for a successful end result.

A nose operation can correct the shape and/or size of your nose with minimal consequences afterwards. We can adjust the tip of the nose, make the nose wings narrower, change the angle between upper lip and nose tip and more. Respiratory problems or congenital abnormalities can be solved, as well as the aesthetic consequences after an accident.

The different possibilities of a rhinoplasty

Delta Clinic follows a fixed process, in which we identify the problems by determining your wishes and conducting a clinical investigation. If necessary, this can be followed by medical imaging and functional tests, for example, to assess the nose's circulation. You will also be informed about the limitations of a rhinoplasty.

After that, we draw up a detailed operational plan, in order to minimise any surprises. To design this plan, the different problems are studied and a list of solutions is drawn up. This plan will be presented to the patient so that he knows what is going to happen and what can and cannot be done.

Finally, the surgeon operates the nose according to plan. Occasionally he will be confronted with unexpected situations. Our surgeons are experienced and well-informed about possible complications.


No make-over

In Belgium, it is a rule that we correct deviations from the aesthetics of the nose, but not change the character or the racial characteristics of a nose (e.g. to convert a "negroid" nose into a "white" (Caucasian) nose). We do not respond to every wish of the patients, because we are often unable to meet his expectations. We want to remove the anomalies of nose, not change it entirely.

Rhinoplasty at Delta Clinic in Lichtaart, Belgium

Depending on your symptoms, wishes and expectations, a nasal correction can involve various procedures, such as the insertion of an implant into the nasal bridge, a chin or neck correction to make the nose stand out better, and a nasal dot correction. Whatever solution we come up with, Delta Clinic will guide you through the entire process, from intake to the aftercare and recovery.

Do you want more information about the rhinoplasty or the pricing? Or would you like more information about the procedure in your particular situation? You can contact us by phone +32 (0) 14 43 01 43 or by mail at [email protected].