Labia correction

schaamlippen verkleinen

Some women are not satisfied with their vaginas, especially their labia. Most complaints are aesthetic, some are practical. The number of labia corrections in our health centre is increasing and it is one of the most common procedures in genital plastic surgery.

When should you consider labia correction?

The labia are a scarcely debated topic. Yet, labia corrections are being requested and more often. Vaginal reduction, hymen reconstruction, small or large labia reduction: these are just a few examples of possible labia corrections in Delta Clinic.

Labia correction may be necessary for practical reasons, as large labia can cause discomfort. Maybe the patient experiences discomfort, for example when wearing tight clothing, or when cycling or other physical activities. In that case a labia correction is the best solution. Labia corrections are, however, increasingly being carried out for aesthetic and psychological reasons as well.

Labia correction of both the labia minora and the labia majora

Both the inner (minora) and the outer (majora) labia can be corrected.

Reducing or correcting the labia minora is the most frequent procedure and can lead to an improvement in both the genital appearance and mental self-confidence.

During a labia correction, the plastic surgeon removes the excess labia tissue by electrocoagulation, which immediately seals all blood vessels so that there is little blood loss. He then stitches the wound with soluble wire, which ensures a speedy recovery. Or the surgeon shortens the protruding inner labia under local anaesthesia by marking the bulges and cutting them away. The patient can return home the same day.

After the procedure you will experience no to moderate pain. Strict hygiene must be observed: the zone must be regularly rinsed with an antiseptic and an antibiotic ointment must be applied for one week. However, infections are rare due to the good circulation of the labia.

Labia correction or labia reduction at Delta Clinic

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