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Tattoo removal

Bored of your old tattoo? Has your tattoo faded or do you want to replace it? Starting a new job where tattoos are not allowed? Here at Delta Clinic you can have your tattoo completely removed in a safe and reliable way for a reasonable price. Our doctors know the importance of your skin and will use the utmost care while removing unwanted tattoos in the safest way possible.

Different methods of tattoo removal

There are several different methods that can be used to remove a tattoo. The most common options are surgery and laser removal. The pros of laser removal are a low risk of scarring and other unpleasant side effects. Laser removal is widely considered to be the most effective method to remove tattoos as complete as possible. However, it is a painful and expensive treatment. An alternative is tattoo removal by surgery. Surgical excision of the tattoo is most suited for smaller tattoos and can be done it one sitting, whereas laser removal requires multiple treatments, depending on the size of the tattoo. Other methods include dermabrasion (sanding off the tattoo), tattoo removal cream and Intense Pulsed Light therapy.

Lichtaart (Kasterlee) is an excellent operating base.

The Delta Clinic is located in the province of Antwerp, in Lichtaart (Kasterlee). Easily accessible via the E34 and E313 from all corners of Flanders and just across the Belgian-Dutch border for our numerous Dutch patients. Only 30 minutes from Antwerp, Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven.

For more information about tattoo removal or to make an appointment, you can contact us online, by mail at [email protected] or by phone +32 (0) 14 43 01 43.

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